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Come To Life

Welcome to my creative space where everything about making our living spaces beautiful goes! You are in the right place if you have just moved in your new home, renovating or simply improving your home. Are you OVERWHELMED? Trust me, you are not alone – we are in this together.


Welcome to Penatu Home! I am Pekeloye, interior stylist and owner.

I am just your regular girl who grew up deep in the village now maneuvering the city life homemaking. By now you must be guessing the courage required for me to enter home interiors field. Without hesitation I can confirm that it has been a journey, but a joyful one.

Homes are our
safe havens

We are living in the era where we are spending much of our time in our homes. Thus creating inviting and warm homes that are self-reflective has never been more
important. I am here to share with you my experiences (and hopefully inspire
you) in helping you to jumpstart your home improvement journey. If you are
decorating your first home, I got you. I put together a free guide (link) for you
so can learn from my mistakes and save yourself a great deal of time and money.

Dreaming of decorating and styling your home but you are hesitant to do trials and errors that are costly?

Get my FREE GUIDE and learn 5 Important Lessons I learnt during my 5 years of trials and errors decorating our home and save yourself time and money.

Your dreams are Valid

This blog is full of tips, tricks and resources to help you tackle your home improvement projects with confidence. Whether you are planning a design or renovation project, defining your unique style, choosing furniture, or styling your home, there is definitely something for you.


Fun Facts about me.

If you are still here I have listed some fun FACTS about me:
1. My husband Frans is the handyman around our home I am able to pull off many projects around here with a lot of his assistance. Our children King- Amen (5) and Innah (2) are my deputy tiny-handy-humans who by now are aware of my hobby.
2. My name Pekeloye Lawana is a piece of chain of my siblings’ names, I have lost count of how many times I am asked its meaning.
3. I have worked as a housekeeper in a hotel for at least 5 months the job that taught me patience for bed making.
4. Homemaking is one job I enjoy with all my heart.
5. Someday I want to write a book documenting homes that embrace our African heritages.