Why The Penatu Home?

THE story behind my interior styling journey is a simple one. It is of a ‘typical village girl who found herself in the city and now boldly expressing her creativity through her love for beautiful living spaces’. I am a visual person, I love experimenting and creating – our home is my studio. 

Ever since we moved in our home 5 years ago, I have visualized myself creating a warm and loved home for my family. This didn’t happen as quickly as I thought it would. It eventually became clear that I didn’t have a good plan on how execute that vision. Unfortunately, my minimal knowledge in interior decorating and styling led me to making costly mistakes along the way. 

Luckily, the passion in me has always emerged over my mistakes. At one point I decided to take intentional steps by enrolling in courses that can equip me to do things better. I never looked back, and I continue to learn but most important I am constantly practicing.  

What is home to me and to my family? This is one major question I had to answer, one exercise I am proud of undertaking that provided clarity to my plan. I sat and reflected on the key elements that guide my visual voice that I can use to make designing and styling decisions about our home. The major shift came after I have discovered my unique visual voice. This has given me confidence to make big design decisions like how to re-design our kitchen and apply my mind in making everyday decisions like whether to buy a new decorative or functional object for our home. 

The decision to share my journey with the world was not an easy one because obviously that crazy imposter syndrome kicked in. Who am I to do this? My house is not perfect, do I even have anything to offer? But one day I decided to do it anyway. That decision has revealed to me that there are people just like me who yearn to create beautiful homes but simply lacking inspiration and motivation to do so. It is then my conscious decision and mission to fill that gap.

The Penatu Home is born from my personal Instagram account dedicated to sharing my home improvement projects on regular basis. I focus on assisting women to decorate, style and organize warm and loved homes for themselves or their families. 

There are two main concerns I ran in every now and then: 1. It is not possible create a beautiful living space with young children 2. You need a lot of money to create a beautiful home. My response here is always yes and no; it all depend on your PRIORITIES. Children are good at following cues in fact they are happy to help in maintaining their beautiful environment. I can’t promise you that there won’t be accidents such as destroyed furniture, scribbled walls, shattered vases and dirty floors – because I have seen it all. 

As for the money, you have to decide on what you want to prioritize. Would you rather spend money on one expensive item and compromise on another? Do you perhaps need to take your time whilst saving until you can afford your timeless piece? One needs to have a plan in order to meet your home goals. 

Anything is doable all you have to do is set your priorities and start. Start from where you are and with the resources at your disposal. 

With that said, please do come around every weekend to see what The Penatu Home has to share. 


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